2 thoughts on “GRE, GRV and GRP composites pipe in Iran

    • Dear Mostafa,
      thank you for visiting our site,
      Just for your information, please note that GRVE is a fake name and it is originaly GRV,
      In Iran unfortunately some manufacturer use GRVE instead of GRV.
      but regarding to your question about differences between GRV and GRP, note that GRP is used only in water pipes and waste water pippes just for transmission.
      but GRV pipes use in corrosion condition such as acid ,alkali and salin water and high temperatures approximate 120 degree centigerades , in the other hand GRV pipes are anti corrosion and heat resistance,
      but GRP pipes is not tolerate corrosion and heat.
      hope our comments will help you.
      kind regards.

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