HB Composites Bondstrand GRE-GRP-GRV Pipe & Fitting

H.B.Composites is company in Iran that produce all AMERON Bondstrand GRE-GRP-GRV Pipe & Fitting
Bondstrand glassfiber reinforced epoxy (GRE) piping products are widely used for underground and above ground fire water systems. For above ground systems, the fire response of the material itself, how the composite pipe behaves when exposed to fire, is an important issue in the decision to specify Bondstrand GRE piping. The most common applications where the fire resistance of Bondstrand piping is important are for fire mains (ring mains on platforms and above ground). sprinkler systems, dry deluge systems and foam lines.

No corrosion
In all these applications, Bondstrand GRE pipe is primarily chosen because of its corrosion resistance. Especially for fire water systems, corrosion does not only limit the life time of steel and metal firewater piping, but corrosion scale and salt encrustation causes plugging of the nozzles and sprinkler heads, creating an unacceptable risk for safety.

The fire resistance of Bondstrand GRE pipe systems are tested and approved for many applications in marine industries (ship building), offshore structures (platforms, FPO’s, MODU’s etc) industrial installation such as refineries, (petro)chemical plants, storage facilities and tank farms and also in other applications such as tunnels, ports and jetties and at airports.

Different behaviour
Bondstrand GRE pipe systems have a surprisingly high resistance to fire. This endurance is caused by the composite structure of the material. The combination of low thermal conductivity, low thermal capacitance, and the endothermic decomposition of the resin matrix material makes the material very resistant to fire. As the resin component of the matrix is burnt on the outside of the pipe, a carbonaceous ceramic-type layer (char) will form, still reinforced with fiberglass, which effectively isolates the rest of the pipe, slowing down the burning process. The final endurance of Bondstrand GRE pipe depends also on the type of fire: the intensity (heat flux) and the type of fuel (which defines the temperature on the fire).

The operational situation of the piping has also an important influence on the endurance of the pipe system in fire:
-pipe in dry condition
-pipe filled with stagnant water
-pipe with flowing water

Type Approvals for Bondstrand GRE pipe systems.

Fire condition:


Bondstrand Series:

IMO A.753 (18) L3

30 min wet, stagnant water, impinging flame, 113 kW/m2

2000M, 7000M, 2400 TT, 2400 C TT, 3400 TT, 3400 C TT, PSX-L3, PSX-JF

IMO A.753 (18) L3 WD

5 min dry + 25 min wet, impinging flame, 113 kW/m2


(with RP 34 & PSX-34), 7000M-WD (with PSX 60), 2400-WD

Jet Fire

5 min dry + 15 min wet, heat flux > 300kW/m2

2000M-FP, 7000M-FP, 2400-FP, 2400C-FP, PSX-JF, Or Bondstrand pipe spools with a Favuseal or Pitt-Char protection layer.

IMO L3- Extended

60 min wet, impinging flame, 113kW/m2

200M, 7000M, 2400 TT, 3400 TT, PSX-L3

Note: Bondstrand GRE pipe systems have been certified or have type approvals of almost any certification body, including ABS, USCG, BV, DNV, Lloyds, NKK, RINA

Company Information

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  • International Area Code: 98
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  • Fax: (+98-21) 22252921 (+98-(+98-21) 22252921)
  • Contact: Dr Seyed Hamidreza Hashemi
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  • Area: Tehran

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