Iran Arian is a manufacture of HB Composites group offers a wide range of solutions for storing fluids or solids. These solutions are made out of full FRP material or Dual Laminate materials. The choice of material makes storage tanks of HB Composites easy to install in different environments. From experience we know that every application has its own specific requirements. HB Composites’ storage solutions include detail engineering, manufacturing, transportation and installation of all components.

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Our production locations are equipped with the latest technologies. With workshops located around the world and our ‘on site winding unit’, HB Composites can adapt to all local requirements. We manufacture up to 10 metres in our shops and up to 20 metres width at your site with one of our ‘on site winding plants’.

HB Composites’ FRP and Dual Laminate storage solutions are designed according to all international standards such as DIN, AD N1, ASME, RTP-1 and ISO.

FRP and Dual Laminate storage solutions:

  • Horizontal FRP tanks (with or without insulation)
    Vertical FRP tanks (with or without insulation)
    Chemical FRP storage tanks
    Underground FRP tanks (e.g. fuel)
    Ultra-pure water FRP tanks (high purity)
    Water and wastewater FRP tanks
    Food storage FRP tanks
    Double wall storage FRP tanks
    Bulk FRP silos
    HB Composites’ FRP and dual laminate storage tanks and silos can be equipped with numerous accessories such as valves, level indicators, load cells, dust filters, insulation and heat tracing systems, reinforcement / vacuum rings, steel or FRP supports, platforms or anti slip layers, vent scrubbers, ladders, railings, walkways, pumps.

Safe and maintenance-free storage tanks

HB Composites is aware of costly safety measurements at chemical plants, or the high level of maintenance & service contracts for storing chemical fluids. Therefore HB Composites offers double wall constructions and a ‘leakage monitoring system’. This ‘leakage monitoring system’ is specially made for the monitoring of the storage tank and its performance.