FRP pipe
FRP piping systems for corrosive and abrasive applications have been popular in the industry for over 50 years. FRP pipes have higher corrosion resistance than metal pipes and can be more cost-effective than alternatives to stainless steel, titanium and high nickel alloy. This is why industries such as pulp and paper, mining, chemical processing, water, power and FGD have successfully chosen to use FRP piping in their process systems.

Chemical plumbing and water services

hbc manufactures, manufactures and installs custom FRP piping systems for a wide range of configurations and conditions, including:

Sizes range from ID 1 to 168 inches
Full range of flanges, reducers, elbows and fittings
Wound filament, contact molding and injection molding
Pressure rating from 25 psig to 250 psig
Complete vacuum
Ground and underground applications
Detailed configurations include butt and pack, adhesive, flange, Vanstone style flange, O-ring and spigot.
O-ring E-Lock and connecting spigot with internal lock ring
Anchors, hangers and supports (see our metal splitting page)
ANSI / NSF-61 certified 10 to 72 inch piping
Well cover with ANSI / NSF-61 ID certificate 10 to 72 inches
Abrasion resistant pipes

The Stopline-G2 wear-resistant piping system is a leader in applications that require the transport or distribution of chemicals and / or reagents containing slurry or sediment. Our Stopline-G2 piping systems include the settings and conditions listed above. In addition, Stopline-G2 Piping includes the following:

A proven and tested silicon carbide formula in the corrosion / erosion barrier matrix
Corrected thickness options corrosion / erosion barrier for areas with high wear
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