HB Composite Company (Arian Sadeh) during two decades of production activity in the country by employing experienced specialists and engineers, its products in accordance with the best quality and the highest international standards, including

API-15LR, AWWA C950, ASTM D-2996 and ASME Section X have been produced by Helical Filament Winding method and supplied to oil, gas and petrochemical industries. The products of this company have been used in the most difficult working and industrial conditions, which confirms the high technical-scientific power of this collection. Further information on the executive records of the company’s executives abroad is cooperation with Ameron in the United States (the largest manufacturer of composite industrial products based on epoxy-GRE resin).

The products of this company, which mainly include pipes, fittings, GRP tanks, GRV, GRE, etc., are used in petrochemical, oil, gas, water, sewage and mining projects, and in terms of quantity and quality are capable of the best similar products. Foreign competition.

Other uses of these products are in pipelines and oil and chemical transmission facilities, water supply, fire water, cooling systems, etc. Due to the fact that GRE / GRP products have a very high resistance against corrosion and heat compared to their metal counterparts, in addition to increasing the life of pipelines up to 50 years, they also cause many savings. The environment is replacing such products with metal ones.

In order to maintain competitive conditions with other similar foreign manufacturers, the company obtained a technical quality certificate from the company.
BUREAU VERITAS has received, the Petroleum Industry Research Institute has also approved the products of this company and for this reason, recently the name of this company in the list of valid and accepted domestic manufacturers (vendor list) of Petroleum Engineering and Pipeline and Telecommunication Engineering Company of National Company Iran Oil and Pars Oil and Gas Company are listed.