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H.B. Composites Company

Danesh Bonyan Arian Sadeh Company (H.B. Composites) with a brilliant history of more than two decades of producing quality composite products based on epoxy resin for use in the most difficult working conditions and in accordance with the most reliable standards for designing and manufacturing composite products in oil, gas and water industry. Sewage such as BS 13121, ASME Section X and API 15LR is ready to serve the craftsmen of our beloved country.

Compared to similar products such as polyester resin-based composites and vinyl ester composites, epoxy resin-based products are the best option for difficult working conditions with heavy loads and high corrosion and wear, such as seawater pipelines and petrochemical pipelines.

Dear craftsmen, before preparing a composite product, make sure of the quality of the resin used and whether the resin used in the production of the product is of epoxy quality. The product based on epoxy resin of this company is fully verifiable and evidence of the quality of the resin can be provided. Practical solutions to ensure the quality of the resin are presented in the following article.


Product design and analysis based on the most valid standards

HB Composite products are designed according to the most valid standards and are examined for structural strength using analytical methods.


Using the best raw materials and production procedures based on valid standards

Consumables are supplied from the best manufacturers and production procedures and manufacturing details are based on valid design standards.

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